Utilize your social media for link building?

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As link building continues to take the spotlight, it’s crucial for any business wanting to thrive in the online world to leverage the benefits offered by social media. The same platforms you use to post hilarious cat memes and pictures of your weekend gateway are also a powerful online marketing tool. Businesses have the opportunity to grab the attention of billions of potential customers, that’s right – billions.

How do you get great links? You create content. Not just any content, great content. To share great content, it is important for people to know that it exists. If you have a brand-new website, chances are, it isn’t ranking high in search engines. So, if people are unable to find you via search, how will they find great content you created? Answer: Through social media.

Social media can be a powerful link building tool and if you are not using it, you could be missing out on some awesome opportunities. Below is the quick summary of how to leverage social media for link building:

Keep tabs on brand mentions and ask for links

Tools like Tweetdeck can help you monitor the social world and allow you to find users talking about your brand whilst also giving you an opportunity to engage with them. After locating such users, a little research will disclose whether or not they have websites/blogs. Engage with users that do and ask them if they are willing to provide you with a link.

Look for opportunities on your Facebook page

Just like Twitter, look for users who are interacting on your wall and try engaging with them. They may not be willing to provide you with a link instantly, so it is important to maintain patience and engagement before requesting for the link.

Build relationships with those not talking about you

There may be people in your niche that aren’t familiar with your brand and as such won’t be talking about it. Use Twitter and blogs to engage with active members in your circle to generate brand awareness as well as build relationships which will help you get links in the future.

Use Guest blogging to prepare future audience

Guest blogging and the following interaction is a great way of grabbing the attention of a wider audience. It also gives you an opportunity to ‘prepare’ the future audience. The advantages of mentioning future audience in your blog post are twofold. First, your guest post will acquire links. And second, the audience mentioned in your post may now be ready to engage.

Leverage the power of your blog

Using your blog to its fullest potential can be very helpful. Flattering bloggers in your niche through top 5 lists and other such tricks can be a great way to generate backlinks to your domain.

Help people

If you come across someone in your niche asking for help or advice, reach out to them. Help will often build a relationship, and generate a link.

And that’s how you use social media to get links. It’s an engagement, a gradually developing relationship which can be rewarding in terms of link building.

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